I just got my half a day having my distant nephew around. At the end he said he never had this kind of conversation with his parents-his parents always considered him as a kid and that there are rules to follow.

I don’t want to play a great adult here, but I just came back for a while after working for a university in Semarang. There, in this specific major, it has this culture to speak, to talk when people think there is something wrong. The lecturers need to be better adult, so the students are willing to learn and become better persons. There, we don’t want to be like in the schools, where the kids couldn’t talk freely and always blame the students.

I don’t know if I will continue working there. After a semester, I think there are things i need to do first professionally and intellectually to be a good academician. But one thing, there’s value I will keep from this major, I will keep anywhere I go.

Tulisan-tulisan impulsif dan reaktif. Catatan menjadi, dan pengingat tidak ingin jadi apa.